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  1. Rabaçal, 25 fontes : Medium
  2. In 1855, the Rabaçal Levadas allowed the passage of water from the north to the south of the island. The Risco waterfall in Rabaçal was one of the first tourist attractions in this region, and its spectacular nature remains today.Rabaçal Levadas are located in Calheta, at about 1000 meters of altitude. The Levada of the 25 fountains is one of the most known and runs about 4.6 km (approximately 3 hours walk). The magnificent pond of the 25 fountains is the desired destination. It results from the waterfalls coming from Paúl da Serra that, when descending the rock below, turn into about 25 fountains. This is just one of the many routes in the Rabaçal area. Companies such as Hit the Road Madeira offer guided tours to these Levadas.

2. Balcões : Grau Fácil

Levada dos Balcões is easily accessible (only 15 km from Funchal) and has a low degree of difficulty. The walk takes about 1.5 km from the beginning (road E.R.103, Ribeiro Frio) to the Balcões viewpoint at 800 meters altitude.

This Levada is an excellent opportunity to see some of Madeira’s most emblematic birds, such as the finch (Fringilla coelebs maderensis), lavadeira (Motacilla cinerea schmitzi) or blackbird (Turdus merula cabreae ) that fly over the magnificent Ribeira da Metade valley. If you want to go on this tour accompanied by a guide, you can contact local tourist animation companies. Check out here.


3. Caldeirão Verde : Medium / Hard 

Levada located in Santana, at about 900 meters of altitude. It’s around 6.5 km (2h 30 minutes walk approximately) from Queimadas to Lagoa do Caldeirão Verde. In this route, there are 4 tunnels, one of them is a little longer (between 5-7 minutes to cross) called “Quebra-Cabeças” (Breaking-Heads) because you have to be crouched while crossing it (it is advisable to take lanterns).

Millions of years ago, there was a volcano in this area (now extinct) and the area was completely covered with lush green vegetation. A beautiful waterfall descends about 100 meters, hence the name: “Green Cauldron”.

Also we have the opportunity to visit Madeira’s largest thatched house – Casa das Queimadas. There are companies that opt ​​for the same route on the return or choose an alternative route, for example, towards a location named “Ilha”

caldeirao verde1

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