Madeira News: TIMES PAST

A procession of cars carrying the statue of Our Lady of Fatima on the North Coast in 1948



Madeira News: Madeira´s Museums include: Universo de Memórias João Carlos Abreu

“Housed in an elegant 19th-century mansion, this museum–arts centre is another repository of knick-knacks donated to the city by an avid collector, this time João Carlos Abreu, journalist, writer, politician, actor, artist, former minister of tourism and evidently, keen traveller and souvenir acquirer. However these are no ordinary mementos – room after room is packed with wonderful objects, many works of art.”

Source: Lonely Planet

Madeira News: VICENTES Photographic MUSEUM scheduled to reopen in June 2018


After several years of renovation costing 820,000 euros the VICENTES MUSEU is now scheduled to reopen in  June 2018

The Museum is not only the oldest photographic studio in Portugal founded in 1848 by Vicente Gomes da Silva but, also the oldest on the Iberian Peninsula.

It will now have both temporary and permanent exhibitions, a small cafeteria, a small cinema and conference and multi media spaces

The Museum has a stock of more than six hundred thousand negatives including the arrival of the first water plane in Madeira, the holiday snaps of Churchill and George Bernard Shaw and the photos of the last few years of the life of the last Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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