Madeira News: MADEIRA ATLANTIC FESTIVAL 2017: Firework display EVERY SATURDAY night in June !


The Madeira Atlantic Festival, an event that sets the beginning of the summer season in Madeira, is one of the most recent tourist entertainment events, to be held betweem June 3rd to 24th.

This event consists of a diverse set of initiatives spread throughout the month of June, with emphasis on the pyromusical shows over Funchal Cruise Ship Port; the Atlantic Roots Festival and the Regional Arts Week.

The pyromusical shows are held on four consecutive Saturdays of the month of June, at 10:30 p.m. at the pier outside Pontinha. These wonderful and exciting performances, lasting about 20 minutes each, combine fireworks and music in a unique experience for tourists and residents.

In these shows, companies will compete for a trophy awarded by public vote, through the Internet and boxes located in strategic places in Funchal city (City Pier – day of the show, La Vie, Marina Shopping, Av. Arriaga Tourism Office).

Other initiatives that are included on the schedule:

Regional Bread Fair
The Regional Bread Fair is an event organised by the Funchal Lions Club for over 20 years and usually takes place at Largo da Restauração, with the purpose of raising funds for the club’s charity works. Each installment of this event includes entertainment by folk groups in the mornings and afternoons of each festival day, and a Serenade after the fireworks.

Atlantic Roots Festival
The 2016 edition comes with new surprises. With a new image and programming, location, date, and concept, this festival merges different genres, sounds, as well as new musical trends through a more select artistic quality approach, with particular emphasis on the Lusophone component.

This three-day festival (June 9th to 11th) aims to reach a demanding, but very diversified audience. Its overall aim is to a have a greater international projection, while also strengthening the region’s cultural offer.

The main stage will be at the gardens of the emblematic Quinta Magnólia, between 9th and 11th June, a musical event with some surprises. The first night of the festival will be dedicated to national music, the second night to new sounds and trends such as Black Music, Soul or Funk, and the third and last night will highlight the excellence of Portuguese music. Among this edition’s many headliners, the ones that stand out are Elida Almeida (Cape Verde), Lula Pena (Portugal), Petite Noir (South Africa) and Sons of Kemet (United Kingdom), among others.

Regional Arts Week
This is an event organized by the Regional Art Education Association – AREArtística, intended to showcase the learning and artistic skills of Madeiran students, acquired during school, through various activities that will be held in the city centre, specifically the “Feast at the Gardens”, the Regional Artistic Meetings, the Regional Exhibition of Artistic Expression, and ESCOLartes. The programme includes several artistic performances in the areas of Song, Drama/Theatre, Instrumental, Traditional Madeiran Chordophones and Dance, in addition to the Regional Exhibition of Artistic Expression, which includes a Painting contest. This event, in its forth edition, shares the artistic work and experiments of about 4000 students from the local primary and secondary schools, and the participation of several groups in the field of Special Education, consolidating bonds between local schools and the community, from a social openness perspective.

Popular Saints Festivities
The Popular Saints Festivities are celebrations that are held in several countries, historically related to the summer solstice pagan festival, which was celebrated on June 24th. The Autonomous Region of Madeira is no exception, and a bit throughout the Region, the month of June is synonymous with celebrations in praise of the three Popular Saints: Saint Anthony, Saint John and Saint Peter. The Saint John altars, which constitute a festivity based in a neighbourhood tradition, in addition to the traditional food of the Popular Saints, holds a public contest of the Altars to the patron Saint. It takes place every year during the week that includes Saint John’s Day, usually the last week of June. It is held in Rua da Figueira Preta, Travessa dos Reis, Rua da Conceição and Praça do Carmo.


Madeira News: CARNAVAL Main Parade this Saturday evening 25th February!

Madeira News: MADEIRA CARNIVAL 22nd February-1st March


The carnival season in Madeira is lived in an endless party atmosphere. During both official and more spontaneous events, deeply rooted in the traditions of Madeira, joy and good mood prevails in the streets, entertainment establishments and private homes. Therefore, Madeira Carnival offers you a variety of activities to choose from, giving you the option to be a mere spectator or an active participant.

Carnival festivities begin with the “Festa dos Compadres” Compadres Feast, which takes place in Santana. This traditional feast pertains to the rites of passage from winter to spring and of the renewal of the local community. The action unfolds in a clear antagonism between male and female local residents, well represented through the satirical male and female dolls made by the participants. The feast is devoted to the public judgement of both of the “compadre” (a male figure) and the “comadre” (a female figure), during which social criticism is made about events and actions of individuals and institutions that occurred in the community during the year. In the end, both the “compadre” and the “comadre” are burned as punishment. In this way, the community is regenerated and relieved from social tensions, being then prepared for a new cycle, which begins with spring.

As of the Wednesday before Carnival, Funchal city centre, especially in the central walkway of Avenida Arriaga, is captivated by the magic of Carnival, becoming the centre of numerous street entertainment events, including carnival music, shows, and countless performances, that contribute to rousing the spirit of revelry in tourists and locals.

Traditional manifestations of Madeira Carnival include the so-called “robberies”, which occur during the period preceding Carnival. These were carried out by groups of disguised people who entered into the houses of friends and relatives in order to “rob” their season delicacies: the traditional “sonhos” and “malassadas”. These incursions always ended with a private indoor party. This type of gathering still takes place, although in a smaller scale, having been replaced by the arranged “Robberies”. These are arranged in advance and nowadays it is the “robbers” who take the delicacies to the hosts.

Nightlife hangout spots also offer various theme nights during the period preceding Carnival, such as the “Hippies Night” and the “Transvestites Night”, inviting their clients to enjoy themselves disguised with a thematic mask.

During this time of the year, parents and children engage in making costumes that they will, then, take to school. In the morning of the Friday before Carnival, about a thousand of young revellers from various schools and kindergartens in Funchal, all in costume, parade through the city centre (Avenida Arriaga), in a carnivalesque animated atmosphere.

On the afternoon of the Friday before Carnival, the city centre is again the stage of another highly original and creative initiative. With a contagious energy, hundreds of carnival revellers from the Funchal Community Development Association parade along Avenida Arriaga to the Municipal Garden, where an entertainment show takes place.

The music sets the beginning of the parade: the colourful joy and the rhythm of the participating groups motivates everyone. The streets of the serene city centre are filled with an endless revelry that you will never forget. On Saturday night, thousands of tourists and residents come to Funchal city centre to watch the parade of floats, the main attraction of Madeira Carnival festivities. Over a thousand revellers participate dressed in striking costumes, dispersed over ten impeccably decorated allegorical floats. They parade to the sound of selected songs that were choreographed and rehearsed throughout the year, overflowing joy to the public.

The “Trapalhão Parade” (Slapstick Parade), held on Shrove Tuesday, embodies the ancient parade held in a spontaneous way along Rua da Carreira. The participation is open to all, Portuguese and foreigners, and it can be individual or in group. The participants’ creativity has no limits, ranging from social and political satire, traditional paintings, to the simple make up disguise. Whether you watch or participate in this parade, you will undoubtedly be able to share moments of good humour and camaraderie with the public.

Madeira News: Ryanair to open 4 new routes from Porto


source:  TPN/ Lusa

Ryanair said it was going to expand its summer operation out of Porto with four new routes to Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cracow and Nuremberg, and that it expected to carry four million passengers a year and contribute towards 3,000 jobs at that airport.

 The low-cost airline said this would be the biggest calendar ever in that region as it would also be flying more often to
Milan Malpensa (Italy),
Terceira (Azores)
Warsaw (Poland).