Madeira News: WALKS temporarily closed


PR17 – CAMINHO DO PINÁCULO E FOLHADAL TEMPORARILY CLOSED Distance: 14 km Degree of dificulty: Difficult This walk follows the levadas of Serra and Norte between the elevations of 1000m and 1600m. It offers lovely views of the São Vicente valley, and passes areas of high altitude vegetation as well as Laurissilva forest.


PR16 – LEVADA FAJÃ DO RODRIGUES TEMPORARILY CLOSED Distance: 3,9 Km (+ 3,9 Km return) Degree of dificulty: Moderate Tunnels are common along this levada walk, but the landscape in between is of the magnificent São Vicente valley.


PR12 – CAMINHO REAL DA ENCUMEADA TEMPORARILY CLOSED Distance: 12,5 km Degree of dificulty: Moderate Crossing part of the central mountain massif, this walk crosses the foot of some of the highest peaks on Madeira, and gives a glimpse of Curral das Freiras in its mountain stronghold. This is an old ‘Royal Path’, that was paved and used as one of the main routes across the island by the landed gentry.


PR14 – LEVADA DOS CEDROS TEMPORARILY CLOSED Distance: 5,8 Km Degree of dificulty: Moderate This trail has as starting point the only plateau existing in Madeira Island: Paul da Serra. Quiet and relaxed stroll, we can find along the way several species from Laurissilva which resisted the settlement, as well as, follow Levada dos Cedros, the water canal built in the 17th century.


PR19 – CAMINHO REAL DO PAUL DO MAR TEMPORARILY CLOSED Distance: 1,8 Km Degree of dificulty: Moderate A lovely, short walk that is almost entirely downhill from the village of Prazeres to the sea shore at Paúl do Mar. The descent is made along the cliff face, winding between terraced farm plots held in place by stone walls.



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