Madeira News: Visit Madeira´s 4 NATURE RESERVES including Desertas Islands Natural Reserve

Desertas Islands Natural Reserve

Ilhéu Chão,
Deserta Grande

are three small islands off the south-east of Madeira. They are a refuge and a conservation area for the monk seal (Monachus monachus) and a nesting centre for seabirds.

Rare species of endemic flora are still living here.

Deserta Grande desertas9aug13v3is the only island that accepts visitors, but you need to request a permit.

Ask this permission as far in advance as possible, to the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation. You may also book an authorised tourist boat tour. You can take a boat trip, from Funchal, which lasts about 3 hours (one way).

Take a guided tour at the Natural Park, dive into the surrounding clear waters, snorkel or dive. Along the trip, you’ll be surprised by the beauty and friendliness of the dolphins in their natural habitat. It is also common to find seabirds and whales!


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