Madeira News: UNMISSABLE Walks of Madeira: LEVADA DO ALECRIM, Rabaçal, CALHETA



Distance: 3 Km (+ 3 Km to return)

Difficulty: dificuldade_facil

Duration: 1-2 hours (round trip)

Start/End: Rabaçal

Altitude min/max: 1290/1355 m

Keywords: Levada, Lagoon, Waterfall, Birds, Endemic flora


Also known as Lakes of Madeira

At the beginning of the descent to the house of Rabaçal is the entrance to this magnificent journey. It is a short walk with 3km accessible to anyone, where you can enjoy fantastic views over the Rabaçal as you move along the way.

Until you reach the beginning of the levada, hikers can enjoy the vast vegetation composed mainly by the Urze and the Uveira da Serra, as well as several species of local fauna, which highlight the birds and cows.

Enjoy the walk to the beautiful lakes and waterfalls that emerge along the way, where stands out the wonderful Lagoa D. Beja, with a waterfall that feeds the Lagoa do Vento.

Do not miss this stunning scenery to relax, have a snack or take a refreshing swim before returning by the same path.



Source: Walkme Guide




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