Madeira News: MADEIRA CARNIVAL 22nd February-1st March

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The carnival season in Madeira is lived in an endless party atmosphere. During both official and more spontaneous events, deeply rooted in the traditions of Madeira, joy and good mood prevails in the streets, entertainment establishments and private homes. Therefore, Madeira Carnival offers you a variety of activities to choose from, giving you the option to be a mere spectator or an active participant.

Carnival festivities begin with the “Festa dos Compadres” Compadres Feast, which takes place in Santana. This traditional feast pertains to the rites of passage from winter to spring and of the renewal of the local community. The action unfolds in a clear antagonism between male and female local residents, well represented through the satirical male and female dolls made by the participants. The feast is devoted to the public judgement of both of the “compadre” (a male figure) and the “comadre” (a female…

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