Madeira News: Snorkelling in Madeira

Snorkelling in Madeira is awesome. Of course, it´s best when the sea is calm, there is plenty of light and you are in the right location. You can do it on your own or with a company. Safe places to snorkel with lifeguards include the Garajau Marine Reserve on the south east coast or close to it and along the shore of the Barreirinha Swimming complex in Funchal. On the coast close to the Garajau Marine Reserve is a hotel with a Lido Swimming complex called Galomar. At both Hotel Galomar and Barreirinha you pay a few euros for entry and then you can stay in the complexes until the closing time. In the complexes you can ask the lifeguards, staff for guidance and advice on where to snorkel safely and what you might see.

If you are considering snorkelling from a boat …think it will not cost you a lot more to go out with a dolphin whale watching company such as Lobosonda and swim …snorkel with dolphins. They operate of the quieter, less busy south west coast from Calheta marina. Ask them if you want help to transfer you to Calheta. The spotted dolphins arrived in Madeiras´waters this month by the way. They are very interactive….not shy! I have done this several times and its awesome something you will never forget!

Link to Hotel Galomar complex—PT/Home

Link to Barreirinha complex…

Link to Lobosonda…snorkelling 1


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