Madeira News: Ribeira Brava maintenance


Image of Lobosonda Whalewatching Madeira based at Calheta Marina on Madeira´s sunniest, warmest south west Calheta coast.

“Our vessel Ribeira Brava is still on dock. A wooden boat needs a lot of care and the older it gets, the more care is needs. Of course we could do the work quickly, but who knows Rafael,knows that WHAT HE DOES, HE DOES THOROUGHLY. And finally everything is always good and lasts a long time, crew and guests can rely on the Ribeira Brava! At the moment we are waiting for important spare parts, which now no longer exists here in Madeira. Lighter items can reach us by plane, heavier parts, such as a special pump, have to be send by ship, which takes up to 2 weeks…”

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