Madeira News: Areeiro Walk: Vereda closed

AREEIRO VEREDA22OCT14V1Important information for all travellers and residents to Madeira planning on making this famous. popular walk.

Translation of the Diário de Noticias article published 28 February, 2015

The path of Areeiro, connecting the Pico do Areeiro to Pico Ruivo, is closed for safety reasons due to the collapse of part of the floor of the west path, which includes passing through the tunnels.

According to the Diario, the situation has caused some constraints for tourists, which by knowing the occurred are forced to turn back. This despite the information on the closure of the footpath be available in the Regional Directorate of Forestry and Nature Conservation website.

In fact, according to the said site, who want to realize that pedestrian path should use as an alternative, in the intersection of Pico do Gato by following this path (Pico das Torres) and then, to find the intersection of the west path, then this to find the new section that goes to Pico Ruivo..


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