Madeira News: Prazeres to Jardim do Mar Walk PR20


PR20: Vereda do Jardim do Mar

The route is located in the west of Madeira island, and links the village of Prazeres to the pituresque village of Jardim do Mar.

In the past, this trail was one of the few routes available for the population of Prazeres to acess the coastline.
The trail is characterized by a height difference of approximately 500m. Thus, passage on this trail, whether descending or ascending should be made calmy, taking time to enjoy the magnificent views of Jardim do Mar and Paul do Mar.

Due to the mild climate and abundance of water in Jardim do Mar, the local population devoted much time to agriculture, throughroughly practised on small land terraces supported by stone walls “poios”, and where this trail develops.

Before arriving at the village of Jardim do Mar, be sure to visit the water mill recently restored and which once served to grind wheat grown in the parish and surrounding areas.


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