Madeira News: a Madeiran Farmhouse CASA DO LAVRADOR


Bing translation of post by SPNM

“The FARMER’S HOUSE for publishing today chose the photograph of Roberto Pereira a casa da Ribeira Brava, representative of an old model of insertion in the territory and on the farm, and in particular of the Villa of the farmer, the farmer’s ‘ more afazendado ‘.

As you can see from the picture, it was built on top of the farm and poios complemented each other in the kitchen beside the haystack and cattle, with the corrals for cattle goats and sheepfold, with the sty of the pig and with a small reservoir, dug in the soft rock, called puddle, which kept the water required for the needs of the House and for livestock. In this way, could greater warmth familiar, avoiding waste of land needed for crops.

It took place long before the peasants, were themselves farmers and merchants, so that they could enjoy a larger tiled House and best comfortable, that came to replace the House clown terreira. Only by the mid-19TH centuries is that the landscape of rural houses began to modify and was only possible due to the economies of the emigrants.”

TranslatION by Bing



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