Walks of Calheta region: Ladeira dos Zimbreiros Walk from Paul do Mar to Faja da Ovelha

Ladeira dos Zimbreiros Walk from Paul do Mar to Faja da Ovelha

The Zimbreiros Slope, is one of the largest and oldest in the municipality of Calheta. This route was, for years, one of the very few links between the Fajã da Ovelha and Paúl do Mar. It is an old paved road that zigzags down the slope to the mouth of the Ribeira das Galinhas, now next to a Hotel in Paul do Mar right there by the sea.


Early on in the descent, we can find one of the highlights of this route, the Fio (Wire) Viewpoint.

The Fio Viewpoint is a prime location to enjoy the west landscape of the village of Paúl do Mar. The name comes from the cargo mechanism that was once installed on the viewpoint, which served to transport goods that supplied the village of Fajã da Ovelha, thus avoiding people go up the steep hill with huge loads on their backs.

Fortunately, the old wire and the ruins of the warehouse used for maintenance, are relatively preserved, which greatly increases the value of this viewpoint. Starting down the Slope of Zimbreiros the viewpoint is only 10 minutes away, but for those who have more time, are physicaly capable and enjoy hiking it is advisable to descent this trail till the village of Paúl do Mar, undoubtedly a very nice and pleasant route.

You will find many other reasons for a lot of stops. Looking upward you will be able to see the terraces used by farmers peeking from above, in Prazeres. Continuing, the just over 2 kilometers that allow overcoming the unevenness of 350 meters can become tiresome, but are well worth it. The local tradition is to do this descent during the Saint Amaro festivities.

The vegetation found along the descent of Zimbeiros is included in the so called typical coastal vegetation. Besides the introduced plants, you will be able to find some specimens of Scylla-of-Madeira (Autonoe madeirensis) that at this time of year can display also their purple flowers that attract the curiosity of passersby.

source and link to Map of Walk: http://pt.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=4053319


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