Madeiran Architecture Number 1: CASA TRADICIONAL TORREADA


“TRADITIONAL TURRETED HOUSE today we present typical turreted House, which in Madeira is resulting from the transposition of continental models of popular architecture for the new territories, with the preservation of the form, the architectural aspect, and also, the rigidity of the scale and dimensions of the divisions.

The torreadas houses are based originally on a square plan, have roofs of four waters, usually little inclined, and two inhabited floors linked together through a wooden stairway. The shapes and proportions of these houses print at their homes a ‘ physical robustness ‘ unmistakable and solemnity.

In the photograph of Roberto Pereira, who today publish, can observe a turreted House, da Fajã da Ovelha, Calheta region which has four roof tile, in Marseilles and head of boy on the roof shot, unlike the usual, the waters are the sharp angle.

With wheel-ornamental ceilings in relief, counter with grills and a wall that supports itself beautiful flowers, this House is fully in accordance with the tradition of popular Madeiran architecture.

Note: according to the definition for the types of home, given by Vítor Mestre, turreted House is the towering, need not have a tower associated.”



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