Dolphin and Whale watching: New regulations


The Madeira Regional Government regulated, through an Ordinance, the observation of cetaceans in the region, creating excluded areas of observation and a maximum number of platforms and daily travel accepted vis-à-vis the impact caused by human presence.

Image of Dolphins off Paul do Mar. Image of Lobosonda

13 - Dolphin off Paul do Mar

The ruling published today in the official journal of the region States that these trips, which have had a significant increase in recent years, are determined “through Ordinance” of the regional Secretary of the environment and of natural resources, taking account of available technical and scientific information and the gauging of the tolerance levels of the animals for the impact caused by human presence. 

According to the Ordinance, platforms-boats used by authorised operators-who may exercise the right to make the trips are 37 and the trips are limited to three per day. 

The Ordinance also defines an area of “exclusion area of activity of whale watching, with the total area of 1,021 square miles” which, according to the published map, is bounded on the North by the island of Ponta Delgada, and on the South by the Ponta de São Lourenço. 

The representative of the Association of Commerce and industry of Funchal, Pedro Mendes Gomes, observation of cetaceans in this area, and he also owns a company of note-, pointed out that the Ordinance “is pacifica, since there was a code of conduct taken by everyone for this activity”. 

Still, the representative warned the necessary supervision of this sector, since there are other type of vessels that make the observation of cetaceans, but are not licensed for this purpose. 

“There are boats from ‘ big game fishing ‘ 1/8caça 3/8 thick to do just that and not observation, the boat of paragliding that’s right, the ‘ jet ski ‘ also cannot and this means that there is now a big job to do in the distinction of vessels and companies of note,” he said.(Translated by Bing)


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