Film: vintage ‘Pathe’ Film of Madeira!

“Great panoramic shots of the island of Madeira – sea, villages, banana trees. Men are seen harvesting bananas – cutting and carrying large, heavy bunches. Cut to tourist attractions of Madeira’s capital Funchal. Tourists are transported in a vehicle similar to rickshaw. Several shots of Funchal. Funny vehicles – bullock carts are seen on streets.

Various shots of tourists enjoying their holidays, Girls are carried in swings, people are seen swimming and sunbathing in and around hotel pool – lucky people.

Scenic shot of Madeira’s great vineyards. Madeira is famous for its wine – voiceover says. Succession of shots of wine making: harvesting, pressing, distilling, making barrels, bottling, packing, tasting and consuming wine at folk dancing fiesta – nice mixture of ancient and modern. Succession of shots of people in traditional dress dancing while tourists sip great Madeira wine while watching them.

What I like the most about this travelogue is beautiful folk music – particularly the song accompanying wine making.” 


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