‘Desertas Islands’ gain Protected Area status from Council of Europe


Automatic Translation:

“The Council of Europe has just recognize the importance of the work developed in the Natural Reserve of the Desertas Islands, Islands of Madeira Region for almost 26 years. At the meeting of experts of the European Diploma for protected areas, held in Strasbourg, was announced the award of that prize to the Desertas Islands.


Paulo Oliveira, head of the Office of the Natural Park of Madeira, present at today’s meeting, has expressed its ‘ enormous satisfaction for the acceptance of our application. It’s a fair premium for the outstanding natural heritage that are the Desertas Islands, but also for all those who have contributed to that booking is today seen by Europe as an area managed in an exemplary way. In this range, is at all fair to highlight the Madeiran population that always supported us in this challenge, recognizing the importance of the work that we develop in favour of biodiversity conservation, always having as a fundamental aspect of the human factor. Our mission only makes sense because it is developed with people, for the people ‘.

Paulo Oliveira underlines that «this award consolidates the importance that these islands possess while pole of attraction for tourist activity. Nature tourism is to be based increasingly in this type of product, in which case the wood is highly differentiating».
Nowadays the Natural Reserve of Desertas Islands is on the route of the main maritime operators-Madeira tourist, being sure that this assertion of quality and uniqueness will create new opportunities, increase demand.

We are also faced with the success of a paradigm-shifting strategy, who transferred to protected areas a dimension and socio-economic importance, that ‘ was not recognised in the recent past. In this framework it will be possible to do a better job of conserving biodiversity, insofar as there is an increasing awareness of the importance of cross-sectional publishes», reinforces the responsible for the Service of the Natural Park of Madeira.

Portugal is replaced by two protected areas recognized by the Council of Europe, both in the autonomous region of Madeira. The nature reserve of Selvagens Islands, joins now the Natural Reserve of Desertas Islands.”


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