Portuguese Wine Review: ‘Porta da Ravessa’


“We have enjoyed many a bottle of Porta da Ravessa since moving to Portugal. It is
reliably tasty and costs less than €2,50.
In the summer months, Porta da Ravessa rosé is something that we keep a stock of in the fridge, as it is the perfect accompaniment to those spontaneous barbecues that pop up on warm summer evenings.
Given our fondness for Porta da Ravessa, it is surprising that it has taken us this long to try the Reserva from the same range. At just €3,99 it is still a bargain, so this weekend we trialled it with Sunday dinner.
The results were very positive. A rich, deep and intensely fruity wine, it stood up well to our spiced roast chicken dinner, although being six months pregnant I could only enjoy a sip or two! Full of red fruit flavours and with just the subtlest hint of vanilla, this is a lovely wine for the price and one that we will definitely be drinking again.
For a special occasion, I might be tempted to splash out the extra €2 or so for a bottle of Quinta da Alorna Reserva 2009 instead, but the Porta da Ravessa Reserva is one that is certainly good enough that we will be having it attain with Sunday dinner in the near future.”
source: http://www.foodandwineportugal.com/2014/02/17/red-wine-review-porta-da-ravessa-reserva/

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