‘Michelin Restaurant Madeira’ 19 March..start point for national GASTRONOMIC FESTIVAL

‘The stars route 2014’

following the success of the “Stars Route” every year since 2010 the gastronomic festival will be repeated this year. Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts, Altis Hotels, Eleven, L’And Vineyards, Casa da Calçada, Fortaleza do Guincho and The Yeatman will join hands this year in a tour promoting the outstanding cuisine of Portugal, with a total of 7 events . ..

The Stars Route 2014 starts on

the 19th March at ‘Il Gallo D’oro’ at The Cliff Bay hotel (Funchal)

and goes until November, from the North to the South of Portugal starting on Madeira Island.

The Chefs Benoît Sinthon, Joachim Koerper, Miguel Laffan, João Rodrigues, Ricardo Costa, Vincent Farges and Vítor Matos will host various events which promises to offer exclusive and exceptional culinary experiences . ..

Each event will count with the presence of invited international chefs. The common denominator for the Chefs is belonging to the elite circle of excellence recognized by the Michelin Guide. Thus, at each event, the host Chef will receive another two, all with Michelin stars, to prepare as a team a tasting menu incorporating some of the distinguished dishes from the famous guide, while also seeking out the richness of flavors and products from each Region.


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