Ryanair flights to & from Lisbon start April 1st


Portugal News reports:

“Ryanair is delighted to announce Lisbon as its 65th base (and the third in Portugal) and to reveal four new routes to


from April, as part of our summer 2014 timetable.”

With its expansion in April Ryanair will have invested close to $90 million in Lisbon, from where it operates nine routes and 124 flights, carrying 900,000 passengers a year to and from the Portuguese capital and creating some 900 jobs.

Having a little dig at the national flag-carrying airline, David O’Brien added: “Our four new routes from Lisbon will allow Portuguese consumers and visitors to dodge TAP’s high fares and, on the other hand, enjoy Ryanair’s low fares and leading client support services and punctuality.”

The Irish airline has recently ordered 175 new aircraft which O’Brien says will “provide the capacity, new markets and low fares that Portuguese consumers and visitors demand”, adding that the airline is “excited to be working with Lisbon airport to explore the vast potential that is currently blocked by the high costs of air access.”
From 1 April Ryanair aircraft will be stationed in Lisbon…”

link: http://www.theportugalnews.com/news/ryanair-announces-portela-as-third-base-in-portugal/30514


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