Lisbon to Canada flights

From Portugal News:

“This summer the Canadian low-cost airline Rouge will start direct flights between Toronto and Lisbon, according to the airport’s management.

An Air Canada subsidiary, the budget airline included Lisbon as a new route on its summer 2014 schedule, along with other European destinations Milan, Nice and Manchester.
The four new destinations have been described by the airline as “a significant turning point in Air Canada’s international growth strategy.”
Weighing up the traffic flow at Lisbon’s five airports, managed by national airport management ANA, the head of the company Jorge Ponce de Leão said that last year low-cost airlines made a significant contribution to the growth in passenger figures and stressed that, along with British low-cost airline Easyjet and Irish no frills airline Ryanair, the growth of the Dutch-French airline Transavia was also starting to bear weight.
“A reduction in the dependency on Easyjet and Ryanair is an objective that we should follow so that we are not dependent on an airline company”, Ponce de Leão affirmed in a recent press conference.
Traffic in ANA-managed airports has grown five percent over the past year, reaching €32 million passengers, more than half of which passed through Portela Airport in the Portuguese capital Lisbon.
Lisbon airport is served by 37 airlines…”


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