Calheta region, Madeira JUST 10 REASONS TO VISIT!

10 reasons to spend some days in Calheta region on the south west
coast…with many of Madeira’s pearls!

1. Its the warmest and sunniest region going by weather statistics
2. It has the most natural beauty as it has the most forest including UNESCO
protected ancient Laurisilva forest in zones such as Rabacal

3. Top Ten walks and waterfalls including ’25 Fontes’ ‘Risco’ ‘PR19’ Coastal
and Forest sections of the longest levada walk in the region: Levada Nova
4. The most south western point of Portugal ‘Ponta do Pargo’ with
spectacular sunsets and Birdwatching.

5. Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse the highest in Portugal
6. White sand beaches at Calheta Town, the capital
7. The Paul da Serra plain at 1300-1500 metres, the flattest location on the
entire island with fabulous view over lush green mountains and valleys. On
some days you can even see both the oceans on the north and south coasts
from the same location
8. World Class Surfspots at the historic fishing village: Paul do Mar and
Jardim do Mar. Also, Calheta is a great location for Paragliding and
Mountain biking.
9. One of the remaining 2 or 3 Rum factories still operating with a Museum:
Engenhos da
10. Modern marina next to the White sand beaches with Dolphin/Whale watching
boats, small and big game fishing along a quieter stretch of coast compared
to the City coast.

See you in Calheta region soon!


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