Walks temporarily closed

EN// Some walking routes in the island are in current undergoing maintenance to ensure the safety of walkers.
The SRA – Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Natural Resources, informs:
In an official statement dated from January 10th,2014, this entity informs that the following footpaths are temporarily closed:

• PR 1 – Vereda do Areeiro (Pico do Areeiro – Pico Ruivo); 
Note: In alternative, the Regional Directorate of Forestry (DRF) advises to persue this footpath starting at Pico do Areeiro in direction of Pico das Torres and returning afterwards through the same route.

• PR3 – Vereda do Burro (Pico do Areeiro – Ribeira das Cales)- NEW;
• PR3.1 – Restaurante Ca Te Espero
minho Real do Monte (Ribeira das Cales – Monte) – NEW;
• PR4 -Levada do Barreiro (Poço da Neve – Casa do Barreiro) -NEW; 
• PR 10 – Levada do Furado ( Ribeiro Frio – Portela);
• PR 12 – Caminho Real da Encumeada (Boca da Corrida – Encumeada);
• PR 14 – Levada dos Cedros ( Fanal – Curral Falso);

Porto Santo:
• Vereda do Calhau (Fonte da Areia – Calhau) -CLOSED


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